BEDO is a Non-governmental, Non-political and Non-sectarian Social development voluntary organization, registered with Social Service Directorate, Joint stock companies & Firms, Jubo Unnayan Audhidaptor and Microcredit Regulatory Authority.


Background Information of BEDO

There is a little scope to deny the fact that most of the people (especially rural) live in the wrong side of poverty trap. When the developed countries think of Bangladesh, it is often reflect an image of drought, Flood, cyclone, famine, political unrest, low literacy, unemployment and Disaster etc. Despite some decades of development a large number of people are in desperate shape. Government after government initiated so many ambitious strategies based on the western experiences but not seen the light of success due to inappropriate to local conditions. Poverty not reduced, employment opportunity not increased. Discrimination that is practiced in deeply embedded in the social structure, Discrimination against rural women is much more oppressive and deplorable. The asymmetrical distribution of food, Health care, education, access in social opportunities has resulted in the level of nutrition being low among women and illiteracy rate higher. Polygamy, pre-matured marriage, divorce, dowry, deny to pay dower, maintenance, injustice are the salient features of women’s sufferings. Observing the above conditions a few social activist of Nachol Upazilla Chapai Nawabganj district came forward and formed this organization. Thus it is a non sectarian, non profit, non-government humanitarian social development organization committed to the reduction of sufferings and reduction of extreme poverty.